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The 2023 youth baseball season will begin before you know it.

Please consider joining our umpire staff for the upcoming season.

We offer a scheduled group training session with our Umpire In Chief and one-on-one sessions with our UIC as requested.

Please complete the Availability Form and submit to to apply.

Concussion Training - Get Done ASAP

This needs to be done before you ump!


Please complete the umpire availability form.

If you are new to MAYBA or have not umpired before, please indicate that on the form.  

Games available

Schedules are posted on the "UMPIRE SCHEDULING" tab on the left side of the website.  Please click on the appropriate link to schedule yourself for games.

FOR NEW UMPIRES:  10/11 year-old in-house games and 12/13 year-old-in-house games are held on Monday's and Wednesday's.  Beginners will start at 10/11's and once you have been evaluated, you may be able to advance to 12/13 year-old in-house games.

Only experienced umpires should register to work weekend tournament games.  If you have questions about this, please reach out to the Umpire Coordinator.


Umpire information

New umpires please attend the meetings noted to the right.  Those who require or request an individual training time can have a session scheduled with the Umpire-In-Chief once they are hired.  For new umpires, MAYBA provides basic equipment including, mask, chest protector, shin guards, shirt, brush, counter, rules and cards.  Umpires should wear dark pants, dark shoes, and a dark colored hat.

New umpire training

New Umpires - if you missed our new umpire training sessions but are interested in being an umpire this summer, please contact our umpire coordinator at


Download the link below for the Umpire Tournament Availability form and send it to LORI ALLAN at

Tournament Availability

Specific weekend umpire availability will be requested by the umpire coordinator as game schedules are developed.  If you have questions, please email


Umpire Schedule - Travel Leagues

The 2023 Travel season umpire schedule link has been emailed to umpires.  If you do not have the link, please email the Umpire Coordinator at

Umpire Schedule - In House Games

The 2023 In-House umpire assignment schedule is located on the "Umpire Scheduling" tab on the left-side menu bar.


May 20-21 (10A, 10AA, 13AAA) 

June 3-4 (11AAA, 12AA, 13AA)

June 10-11 (11A, 12A, 13A) 

June 17-18 (10AAA, 11AA, 12AAA)


For qualified umpires, please click on the tab on the left for UMPIRE SCHEDULING.  You will need to create a log-in to Sign Up Genius if you do not have one.  Then register for games.

MAYBA Hosted State Tournaments

Gopher State - 13AA - July 14-16

MSF State - 10AAA, 10AA, 10A - July 21-23


For questions about registering with MAYBA as an umpire, scheduling, or payment please contact the Umpire Coordinator.

For questions about rules, training, or evaluations please contact the Umpire in Chief.

Lori Allan

Umpire Coordinator

Phone: 507-327-4827

Shawn Ericksen

Umpire In Chief