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House Program

Program Information

2019 Team Information

Age Current Grade Team Size Placement* Birthdate From Birdthdate To Fee
6 Kindergarten 7-10 Players School/Neighborhood 05/01/2012 04/30/2013 $60.00
7 1st 7-10 Players School/Neighborhood 05/01/2011 04/30/2012 $70.00
8 2nd 11-14 Players School/Neighborhood 05/01/2010 04/30/2011 $100.00
9 3rd 11-14 Players School/Neighborhood 05/01/2009 04/30/2010 $100.00
10 4th 11-14 Players Equal Teams 05/01/2008 04/30/2009 $100.00
11 5th 11-14 Players Equal Teams 05/01/2007 04/30/2008 $100.00
12/13 6th/7th 11-14 Players Equal Teams 05/01/2005 04/30/2007 $100.00
14 8th/9th 11-14 Players Equal Teams 05/01/2003 04/30/2005 $100.00

*House Player Placement Information

Team development for ages 6-9 will, when possible, be done by school or neighborhood - depending on date of registration (first come first served) and how many coaches we have available for each age/school/neighborhood.

Team development for ages 10-14 will be done by ability based on prior year evaluations in order to make the teams as equal as possible. At these ages, players are not placed by school or neighborhood.

In-House Season Information

Teams will be developed during the month of April.  Coaches will meet on April 20, 2019.  After the coaches' meeting, coaches will contact their players to inform them of the team they are on and when/where their practices will be.  Practices will begin the week of April 29th.  Games will begin June 3rd and end on July 18th.  Please make sure you member contact information (including email) is correct and up to date so coaches will be able to make contact with you..

Scholarship Information

IN-HOUSE SCHOLARSHIPS: The Mankato Area Youth Baseball Association is a partner of the greater Mankato Area United Way. Maximum scholarship available through MAYBA is 80% of the in-house fee. We will still allow sliding-scale payments with a minimum payment of 20% of the stated fee.  Additional scholarship opportunities are available through Connecting Kids.  Please see SCHOLARSHIPS under the REGISTRATION tab for more information.

2019 House Game Schedule

Age Current Grade Game Days Start Date End Date Game Time Tournaments
6 Kindergarten Monday/Wednesday 06/03/2019 07/17/2019 6:15pm None
7 1st Tuesday/Thursday 06/04/2019 07/18/2019 6:15pm None
8 2nd Monday/Wednesday 06/03/2019 07/17/2019 6:15pm None
9 3rd Tuesday/Thursday 06/04/2019 07/18/2019 6:15pm None
10 4th Monday/Wednesday 06/03/2019 07/17/2019 6:15pm None
11 5th Tuesday/Thursday 06/04/2019 07/18/2019 6:15pm League Tournament July 20-21
12/13 6th/7th Monday/Wednesday 06/03/2019 07/17/2019 6:15pm/8:15pm League Tournament July 20-21
14/15 8th/9th Monday/Wednesday TBD TBD TBD League Tournament 07/13-7/15